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Fort Worth/ Tarrant County A&M Board of Directors for 2017

The Fort Worth/Tarrant County A&M Club is governed by the Club's Board of Directors. See below for how the Board is comprised of officers and directors. The Board serves as the policy-making body of Club and is also the representative forum for the membership in all matters relating to the Club. The Club is represented on the Association of Former Student's Leadership Council via the Club's President.

The Board is elected annually, with elections conducted in December. Board members are nominated for specific positions via the Club's Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee begins meeting in October of each year to put together a slate of proposed officers/directors. Officers and Board members are nominated due to their volunteer/leadership involvement with the Club.

The Board conducts meetings on a monthly basis. Please contact a board member if there is an issue that you wish to have discussed/reviewed.


2017 Board of Directors 


Wes Cooper ‘04 President

John Pickett ‘94 – Secretary


 Chris Hartley ‘08 Treasurer


Bill Condon '83 - Technology/Membership  


Jonathan Peinado '09 - Activities  


Sarah Spring ‘04 Muster Chair/Coach's Night Chair



Pryce Marshall ‘06 – Muster Chair/Social Media/PR


 Brian Ruff ‘03Development


Wes Oliver '92 - Scholarships  


 Jeremy Pruett ‘00 Programs


Jaedeanne Shaver ‘02 Volunteers'Coach's Night Chair


Kelli Schlicher '10  - Young Alumni 


Chad Lee ‘94 – Corps of Cadets Liaison / Support the Troops 


Don Marable '81 - Director 


  Jake Richter ‘02 Director


Alan Maples '85  - Director 


    Jonathan Berry ‘06 – Immediate Past President



Roles and Responsibilities

President - serves as Chairman of all Club meetings; serves as ex-officio member of all committees; represents the Club at meetings of the Association of Former Students Leadership Council; serves as chairman of the nominating committee.

President-Elect - serves as the Coach's Night or Muster chairman (at the discretion of the President) and assists the president as needed.

Treasurer - keeps full and accurate records of the financial activities of the Club and performs other duties as may be directed by the President or the Board of Directors.

Secretary - attends and maintains minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors; maintains all records of the club and performs other duties as may be directed by the President or Board of Directors.

Activities - serves as the Activities Chair; coordinates the Club's monthly activities (excluding Muster and Coach's Night); including Happy Hours, "Aggie Night" activities, and community service activities; works with Club's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to avoid duplicate activities.

Technology - coordinates and manages all electronic media for the Club including, but not limited to, the Club's website, weekly e-news, and all online social networks; maintains and supports the Club's membership database; supports and implements all online registration for Club events.

Membership - maintains Club's membership database; receives and records dues and transmits to the Treasurer; serves as the Membership Chair; coordinates Club membership drives.

Programs - assists the Vice President / Programs and the President Elect with Coach's Night and Muster planning, preparation and implementation.

Scholarships - distribution of the Club's scholarship applications and the review of submitted applications; coordinates interviews for the finalists and coordinates all correspondence to scholarship applicants.

Young Alumni  - serve as advisors to the Board; help coordinate events for Classes of 2005 - current graduates of Texas A&M and assist the Board as needed with all Club events

Directors - serve as advisors to the Board; help coordinate speakers for the Club's luncheons; and assist the Board as needed with all Club events.

Past President - serves as the liaison to the Club's Special Interest Groups (SIGs); and assists the President as needed.

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