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Lifetime Achievement Award





Current Lifetime Achievment Award:




2016  - Charles Seely '55 

2015 - Charles B. Harris '49

2014 - Dr. Fred A. Palmer '59

2013 - Marvin J. Girouard '61 

2012 - Roderick D. Stepp '59

2011 - Earle A. Shields, Jr. '41

2010 - Clifford A. Taylor, Jr. '49

2009 - Preston Geren, Jr. '45  



Award Purpose and Philosophy:

The purpose of the Fort Worth/Tarrant County A&M Club Lifetime Achievement Award is to recognize and honor Club members who have made significant contributions in our community, and whose accomplishments, careers and personal integrity have brought credit to Texas A&M University.  This individual must also personify exceptional character and commitment to career and family, and the clear certainty of devotion to Texas A&M University.  This award is given for excellence of service to the community, the Fort Worth/Tarrant County A&M Club and Texas A&M University.  No compromise diminishing the significance of the award shall be made.

In selecting a recipient, the following criteria will be considered.

  1. The individual has attained local recognition or prominence through his or her efforts in business and/or community service.
  2. The individual is eminently successful.
  3. The individual has demonstrated interest in and support for the Fort Worth/Tarrant County A&M Club and Texas A&M University.
  4. The individual is of high moral character that exemplifies duty, honor and country.

Award Eligibility:

  1. An individual must be a member of the Fort Worth/Tarrant County A&M Club.
  2. The award may be awarded posthumously to one who was a member in good standing of the Club.
  3. An individual may be the recipient of the award only once.

Award Nominations may be submitted by:

  • Any member of the Fort Worth/Tarrant County A&M Club
  • Any member of The Association of Former Students
  • Any member of the Fort Worth and/or Tarrant County Texas A&M Mother's or Wives Clubs
  • Any member of the Fort Worth/Tarrant County A&M Club's board of directors

No limitation will be placed on the number of nominations to be submitted for consideration; however, one may nomimate only one individual.  The identity of the individual who submitted the nomination will not be disclosed to the selection committee.  The selection committee may consider nominations from previous years.

A committee of five individuals will serve on the selection committee.  The committee shall be appointed as follows.

  • The President of the Fort Worth/ Tarrant County A&M Club shall serve on the committee.
  • The President shall appoint one member from the membership at large.
  • The President shall appoint two members from the Club's board of directors, one of whom shall be the President-Elect.
  • The immediate Past President of the Club shall shall serve as the chairperson.

This award is to be presented on an "as needed" basis.  If the committee feels there is not a clear choice on a recipient, and/or if the board of directors determines the Club is not in a financial position to present an award, the award can be deferred.

Applications will be accepted from the beginning of the calendar year until the end of May and or until such time as the selection committee has had enough time to make the proper considerations.  The nominee will be notified of the award by the chairperson of the selection committee.  This award will typically be presented sometime during the fall of the year in which it is awarded.

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